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Thank you to off leash family!

Our trainer has been so amazing throughout this whole process! We were very excited to get a dog and send it to K-9 off leash! Over all I have been very impressed with my pup. I recommend her to anyone who needs a lot of updates!

I was quite nervous to send my dog there for 2 weeks, but my trainer definitely made it better by sending lots of updates! Thank you to off leash family!

Lakelyn Hill  // Verified Google Review

came home a happier !

My Doberman Zane did the board and train, he came home a happier , trimmer, better behaved pup! I was unable to walk him because of pulling and now can let him off leash in my yard of course, and not worry about him not coming back. They kept us up to date on his process by sending pictures and videos so I did not have to worry he was being well cared for! I will use her again!
Cathy Banks  // Verified Google Review

Thanks K9 Off Leash!

I cannot rate this training high enough! This past summer my heart dropped when my 110 lb lab/boxer mix fur child ran up to and aggressively lept onto a man who was simply walking towards us slowly from 15 feet away. He almost was bit, and my dogs aggression was scaring me and everyone around me.

I have two dogs that feed off of each other’s aggression, so when I found Of Leash K9 Training here in Asheville, NC, I prayed this would be the answer I was looking for. They did not disappoint at all. My trainer who comes to give dog training lessons here in Asheville, though is from Knoxville, TN. I could not have asked to be paired with a better trainer!

All her tips have been spot on, and my dogs are completely different dogs! I am so thankful, I am able to take them in public, on hikes again, and camping without fear of something happening! Off Leash K9 training has been a life changing experience with my trainer.

If in doubt if this is the training you want for your dog, do not hesitate! With hard work, you will find this training to be effective!

Thanks K9 Off Leash!

Gabrielle Maggi   // Verified Google Review

A million stars!

My Trainer is wonderful! She helped train my service dog Ruby, and even still supports and helps us after our sessions are over! After going through multiple trainers who didn’t work, I’m so relieved to have found her! It’s worth every penny and your dog will thank you for it, I promise!

The off leash life is wonderful, no more worries about your pup, you’re always in control and they will know their commands rock solid. A million stars

Salem Cody   // Verified Google Review

great trainer!

She is truly an amazing trainer and person. When we first got my dog she was so energetic but since we have went to training with her she has been so much more calm and obedient. My dog has learned so much since she has went here. Thank you for being a great trainer!
Emma Willard   // Verified Facebook Review

Highly recommend!

We are so thankful for the love, care, and attention our miniature labradoodle, Roxy, received. Our trainer, went above and beyond to help us through the two weeks of training. She sent us pictures and videos and even came to the house during the middle of training to get her heart pill because I forgot to give it to her! She has offered to come anytime to help us and has been a life saver as we venture into parenting a new puppy! We are so proud to say our little gal went to Off Leash! She is amazing and so helpful when we feel so ignorant about having a new fur baby in our family!!!! So thankful!! Highly recommend!
Lori Hill  // Verified Google Review

Thank you for helping us!

We sent our 2 year old Doberman Zane to OLK9 Asheville last year after his over excitement and strength caused my mom to break one ankle and sprain the other while walking him in the rain. Our trainer was everything we could ask for and more in a trainer. Zane did the 2 week board and train and she sent pictures, videos, and updates everyday to show us how hard he was working.

My trainer was so ready for the challenge (he got lose and ran around the yard when she came to pick him up) and she shows him so much love like he was her own. She even sent us pictures of our Zane hanging out with her Doberman puppy. After the 2 weeks, she spent over 2 hours working with us at our home to learn how all his new tricks and ensure that we were ready to keep up his training.

We can still contact her with any questions or meet up for refresher classes. My trainer was amazing and Zane is a changed dog. My mom can walk him (or just let him off leash) to go to the bathroom and play without the fear of being pulled down and his recall is pretty stellar even when our neighbors are walking by.

Thank you for helping us! P. S. Zane says hello!

Evan Carson  // Verified Facebook Review

Off Leash K9 Training ROCKS!!!

I just have two words……my trainer ROCKS (maybe a few more). The training that she gave Max was amazing!!! Max was a 4 1/2 month GSD with no discipline. Of course, we thought we , were doing good things, teaching him to sit and give paw, but he didn’t have manners.

Now he is a pup with discipline and manners. It’s amazing at the transformation that took place during the 2 weeks that he was with her I can’t begin to say how grateful we are for sending him there.

And if anyone reads this, Off Leash K9 Training ROCKS!!!!!!

SP and JoJo
Aleisha G.  // Verified Google Review


I am floored with the results from OLK9 board & train. My trainer is a total rockstar and my bluetick coonhound Loki absolutely adores her! She kept me updated every step of the way. I was never left wanting for a picture or video of my buddy when he was away training. Loki has had severe issues with anxiety and aggression, particularly when people come to my door and enter my home.

He is a working breed dog and I knew simply exercising him was not enough to make him feel fulfilled and at ease — he needed a job. My trainer made training his job and he absolutely loves it! He is almost flawless with his commands and even when he forgets himself, he can correct so quickly. My jaw is still on the floor after seeing his remarkable transformation.

My anxiety-ridden dog who used to bark incessantly and jump on people at my door (to the point where I just stopped having people over) is now able to sit on his “place” while I welcome someone into my house and he is proud of himself when he does this job well!

He is also excellent off leash with recall, something I never in a million years would have thought possible. Our lives have been changed forever, I cannot thank OLK9 enough for their dedication to canine training.


Alison Buchan  // Verified Google Review

OLK9 has changed her life!

She is AMAZING, OLK9 has changed her life! She is so good with all her dogs and I’ve never seen someone love their job as much as she does! She loves all her dogs and I always look forward to her videos of her dogs progress. I’m so glad she’s apart of OLK9, it’s such a great fit for her love of dogs. I would recommend you get your dog trained at OLK9 !
Morgan Alston  // Verified Google Review

we couldn’t be happier!

We sent our (at the time) 1 year old golden retriever Cooper to Off Leash K9 for a two week board and train. My trainer was AWESOME!! She stayed in constant contact with us throughout Coopers 2 week stay with her, always keeping us updated on his progress.

She would send us pictures and videos of all the fun he was having while training with her-that made it so much easier than having your dog disappear for 2 weeks with a “stranger” and not ever knowing what was going on. Cooper was a changed boy when my trainer brought him home to us!

No more running off or disobedience, it was hard to believe! He needed structure, and she was a lifesaver! We have recommended our trainer and off leash to all of our friends and will continue to do so, we couldn’t be happier!

– The Reece Family

Coty Reece  // Verified Facebook Review

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